Yoga classes

Yin Yoga

The Art of letting go…

Letting go of… your ego, comparison, tension, unhealthy thought patterns… Letting go of whatever is holding you back from being the best possible version of you.

A seemingly easy style of yoga, Yin will challenge you in a whole different way.

Yes please!

Help me let go….

This is where stillness will allow your monkey mind to run amok and you’ll learn to observe the obsessive thoughts that lead you to compulsive behaviours and addictions, be it drugs, relationships, food or whatever you go to soothe the pain of unpleasant emotions. And this is where, with time, self-compassion, patience and my loving guidance, your body will begin to soften and release tension related to unhealthy thought patterns.

‘Let go and Let God’….surrender is the way here.


With your body you can create an energetic shift that allows you to move into a space of courage, strength and stability (physical and emotional), moving from feeling power-less to power-full.

Yes please!

I want to flow…

What challenges you emotionally, challenges you physically and shows up on the mat.  Together we will practice awareness and mental focus, redirecting your attention from obstacles to possibilities.

AI enhanced Yoga on MOTUS

A revolutionary way to practice yoga with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence.

Yes please!

I want to check out the classes.

On the MOTUS platform you’ll find pre-recorded classes, Hatha-Vinyasa style, powered by a technology that will show you how to correctly place your body in space in each posture you perform.

As classes vary in length, you’ll find flows for a quick wake-up routine, or longer classes for when you want to up your self-care game.

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